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Sean at Reuters

Corporations and leading businesses always upgrade their technology and computer operating systems, but when was the last time they updated the office behavior of the people that run the incredibly expensive technology they have purchased? How they embrace change will determine the overall value of the company and its impact on their clients. Can food personality and useful character traits be taught? The answer is Yes.

MT LifeWork is a business-changing full spectrum behavioral growth platform. Emotional and Personality Development, a process created by Jefferson Award for Public Service to America Winner Sean McLeod, solves the riddle of the highly skilled yet personality challenged employee or executive. As Communication, Diversity, Leadership, and Mediation Specialists, Sean and his team deliver these simple yet powerful governing principles that will give your entire workforce and upgrade in accepting executive direction and task compliance. A personal reboot equal to your latest updated operating system!

MT LifeWork sessions can be setup as Non-Disclosure Executive Life Coaching or At Large Executive Life Coaching.

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