MT LifeWork – Developmental Training – Blakeburn Clinic

A Personality Upgrade for Professional People!

Corporations and leading businesses constantly upgrade their technology, computers, and computer operating systems, but when was the last time they updated the interpersonal and developmental understanding of the people that run the incredibly expensive technology they purchase? How there people embrace change will determine the overall value of the company and it’s impact on their clients.

International Producer, Global Motivator, and Founder of Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting, Sean McLeod delivers an MT LifeWork Developmental Training at the Blakeburn Clinic in Clinton, Oklahoma. Taking the Practices Executive, Managerial, Practitioner, and Frontline Staff through a skillful process that navigates the land mines that come with being honest in interpersonal communication that can instantly derail any effective and future personnel delivery and interaction design, the Reaching For Higher Ground McLeod Technique approach masterfully engages and harvests the positives and negatives of the practices work flow culture and personal challenges of it’s life blood. It’s people. Those findings are re-enaged so everyone contributes to the success envisioned by the Executives and delivered by the overall clinic. Showing up every minute of every day engaged, empowered, respected, and benefiting from work done well.