Mission to South Africa

“Sean is not a man with a narrow mind. His mind is very broad.” – The legendary Reverend Karabo Molefe reflects.

The Mission to South Africa started with Rev. Karabo Molefe of Catch The Vision Global Mission, who extended an invitation on behalf of President Nelson Mandela and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu for Sean McLeod to come to South Africa. The initial trip was February 19-26, 2005 and was followed by a larger tour is August 12 – 26, 2005.

What started as an invitation to tour South Africa with “The Drummer and The Dancer National Tour” quickly evolved into a request from Rev. Molefe to establish a South African sister school to the New York Institute of Dance and Education to share it’s impact. Rev. Molefe believed this would help inspire the young peoples of South Africa to dream of something great again, to give them a desire to live and meet that dream, and ultimately use this light to help combat the rampant South African AIDS epidemic. At that time, Rev. Molefe asked if Mr. McLeod could come earlier to personally witness the work that his country needs. At that time Mr. McLeod declined because he did not want Rev. Molefe to deplete any resources to fight against AIDS. However, after watching the aftermath of the Tsunami that devastated parts of the country only days later, Sean realized that if Rev. Molefe asked for help, he had to go in any manner he could to aid this most distressed nation.

Black History Month is a time when we get to reflect and share black heritage with the United States. That year, McLeod wished to honor Rev. Molefe’s request and share Black History Month with the land from which his ancestors had come.