Inside the Dancer’s Studio: Restorative Community Summit Strategic Planning Sessions

The “Restorative Community Summit” Strategic Planning Session Led by Executive Producers Michael Muyot and Sean McLeod, is a “relaunch” action-based event held at the Omega Institute and led by thought leaders from a wide swath of sectors in the quality of life and food value chain.

Executives and thought leaders have come together to create a summit that will empower the relauching of vibrant agriculture-based economies, main street communities, and the revitalizing of underserved diverse neighborhoods through ownership and skill based growth from within. By using the pillars of farm-to-table based agriculture products, whole systems approach and local socio-economic impact analysis, the Restorative Community Summit which will be held in 2017, will help re-traditionalize small business owners and maximize the positive impact within the local communities, beginning with the Hudson Valley and poised for other “local” based communities around the state and nation.