MT LifeWork: August 20, 2015

About the Event

MT LifeWork is a custom professional and personal Life Coaching experience for business executives or those personalities charged with leading. MT LifeWork is a full spectrum suite of self improvement tools and strategies for those executives. The resource uses the Emotional Development and Personality Development process created by Jefferson Award for Public Service to America, and New York State Senate Liberty Award winner Sean McLeod. Mr. McLeod is a multi award winning, International Producer, Mediation Specialist, and founder of Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting and the New York Institute of Dance & Education. MT LifeWork is a custom fit life change program based on your personal needs and requests. Executive Life Coaching sessions are designed and could include: Executive Life Coaching, Family Mediation, Motivation, Emotional Development, and Personality Development. You could also be able to explore our Life Workout products that include: Physique Sculpting, Body Health; Career Forecasting and Outcome Based Strategies, everything you need to be successful in your life. MT Life Workout products are for every executive, whether you’re looking for a basic healthier lifestyle, have family struggles, or simply want an emotional & physical reset personally. If you are accepted as an MT LifeWork client, nothing will be the same. If you're willing to be open and apply, you will gain an improved emotional construction that could give even the most depressed personality their life back. Outcome=Income. MT LifeWork sessions can be setup as Non-Disclosure Executive Life Coaching or At Large Executive Life Coaching.

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