RFHGC Products

For over two decades, Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting has used the power of performance, personality development and creative skills to address many of the challenges associated with communicating clearly, designing world‐class events, managing executives and their people, and engaging CEO's in off book turn key strategies for gaining the diverse and creative resources found in a companies frontline employees. Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting employs it's Product Resources, Strategic Entertainment and Corporate Relationships, Executive Advising Models, Communication and WordSmith Tools, Innovative Conference and Summit Design, and Global Interaction Strategies to design and launch Events, Initiatives, and Summits while providing Leaders with followup guidance, product evolution, and long term support.

MT LifeWork

MT LifeWork is a custom professional and personal Life Coaching experience for business executives or those personalities charged with leading. MT LifeWork is a full spectrum suite of self improvement tools and strategies for those executives. The resource uses the Emotional Development and Personality Development tools created by Jefferson Award for Public Service to America, and New York State Senate Liberty Award winner Sean McLeod. The Executive Life Coaching sessions are designed by Mr. McLeod who is also a multi award winning, International Producer, Mediation Specialist, Non-Disclosure Executive Life Coach, and founder of Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting and the New York Institute of Dance & Education.

MT LifeWork will custom fit a program for you based on your needs and requests. That could include: Life Coaching, Family Mediation, Motivation, Emotional Development, Personality Development, Physique Sculpting, Body Health; Career Forecasting and outcome based strategies, everything you need to be successful in your life. This is for every executive, whether you’re looking for a basic healthier lifestyle, have family struggles, or simply want an emotional & physical reset personally. If you are accepted as an MT LifeWork client, nothing will be the same. If your willing to be open and apply, you will gain an improved emotional construction that could give even the most depressed personality their life back. Outcome=Income.

Motivational Speaking

Sean McLeod brings the power of performance to your company. Through consulting, lecturing and motivational speaking, Mr. McLeod addresses interpersonal conflicts that impede progress and performance in businesses, schools and public service agencies.

Through a unique Conceptual Consulting module, Mr. McLeod is able to address many of the challenges associated with communicating clearly, managing personalities, personnel motivation and vision management. The greatest strength of this approach, created by Sean McLeod, is assisting clients in conceptualizing solutions for their specific challenges. Mr. McLeod accomplishes this by utilizing the experiences of a company’s or school’s work force. Sean McLeod is convinced that no outside source can effectively improve the inner workings of a business or group without input from personnel that carry out the daily tasks.

Diversity Training

The first step to truly address diversity is to define what it really means for that company, school, or university. However, most people, regardless of politically correct statements, consider diversity to be code for, “how are you addressing, working with, and handling Black people?” After this reality, we move to more liberal definitions including Latino, Asian, Women, poor Whites, and the physically challenged.

Sean McLeod is one of the most uniquely engaging and dynamic speakers, whose ability to deliver tangible Diversity Training to large groups, and lead decision makers through practical Diversity Policy Design, is incredible. Mr. McLeod sidesteps the fear-created “politically correct potholes,” and helps executives design common sense approaches that people can understand and be willing to apply. Dealing with race (i.e. diversity) is not difficult, understanding it is not hard, and solving its common miscommunication is rather simple. However, it is the fear of being attacked or labeled as racist, insensitive, or unwilling to act, that drives most people from considering real solutions.

What it Means to be a Black Man

What It Means to be A Black Man is a thought-provoking interactive lecture presentation and audience-based Q & A. This powerful lecture was born from a poem, written by multi-award winning international producer, choreographer, and African American, Sean McLeod more than 13 years ago. The poem chronicles the challenges and triumphs of overcoming the realities of being Black and male in America.

Mr. McLeod explores with the audience the stereotypical, social, and cultural realities of America, and provides tangible examples of how to overcome many of life’s challenges. Regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, or financial status, Mr. McLeod helps everyone with challenge to see their potential for success, and never allows them to settle on being passive victims of circumstance. Ultimately, Mr. McLeod inspires all in attendance to become engaged motivators themselves, as we all pave the way towards success, happiness and peace.

I am the Author of My Own Life Story

The "I Am the Author of My Own Life Story" workshop is an unique approach to emotional development powered by the arts including: music, dance, and comedy, critical writing sessions, and a tangible life skill development process using direct and fear reducing participant conversations called "Talk arounds". With self responsibility and accountability at it's foundation, "I Am the Author of My Own Life Story" was created by the multi award winning Producer, American Choreographer and Motivational Expert Sean McLeod, and has been called revolutionary by several seasoned educational and mental health professionals.

The workshop design engages a simultaneous multiple level delivery of specific personality development tools for staff and the served demographic. The workshop include: Conflict Resolution, Personality Management, Emotional Exploration Tools, Self-Help Module Training, Personal Responsibility Implementation Program;