About Us

The New York Institute of Dance & Education

The New York Institute of Dance & Education Inc. (NYIDE) is an innovative corporation who harnesses the communication elements of dance, performance, direction and theater to create an operating system for dance businesses, refine alignment structures for the movement industry, and embrace entrepreneurship in significant applications for corporate America. With NYIDE the power of performance has taken a new step.

Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre

The Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre (KDT) is a professional modern dance company whose work has spanned 20 years. The Company, founded by Sean McLeod, works from Auburn and New York City and has toured professionally to major cities across the US, and internationally to the West Indies, Europe, and Africa. KDT is based in McLeod's patented dance technique and acclaimed choreographic style. McLeod Techinque (MT) blends Classical Ballet, the Modern foundations of Limón, Graham and Horton, with Martial Arts principles, African Dance, Latin influences and Urban Social Dance. Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre's mission is to illustrate through dance the abundant resources and enrichment that minorities and people of color bring to our lives and communities. As a Choreographer and Artistic Director, Sean McLeod has created a vast movement range and his repertory is amazingly broad, which has given the Company an incredible foundation. Additionally, the list of acclaimed choreographers contributing to the continued repertory and direction of the Company includes; Thomas Warfield, Roxanna Young, Jacob Mora, Doug Shankman, Jonette Ford, Victoria Dale, Gregory Livingston and more. The Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre uses dance and the arts as a catalyst to foster peace and honor diversity. Special events and seasonal concerts are performed nationally and internationally.

New York Dance Festival

The New York Dance Festival is a unique dance experience whose original foundation was constructed by Sean McLeod to champion empowering women and build their self esteem. At the Festival women and men of all ages work in an environment where consistent focus is given to correcting the tradition that a person has to be broken by the industry before they can find their greatness. The New York Dance Festival has locked emotional development and good mental health into the DNA of its dance offering. Good dancing is not our goal, it is our vehicle. It is a place where teachers come to rejuvenate and interact with like minded dance masters. Practicing these life changing principles through movement gives the dancers an opportunity to see if happiness is a better way to learn dance. At the festival we aim to partner with everyone, celebrate the greatness of effort, and challenge ourselves to grow in the face of our fears.

Global Dance Initiative

The Sean McLeod Dance Experience, Global Dance Initiative uses dance to empower and inspire children and women in communities around the world. Each year we visit countries like Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, and South Africa. The Global Dance Initiative teaches and challenges families and local community leaders to accept and embrace the value girls and women have as important contributors to the world.

Sean McLeod is a Master Teacher, Multi award winning Choreographer, and Motivational Speaker. He is an inspired developer of movement systems and has a method to teaching dance that focuses on helping women and girls find their sense of self and true value.

American Master Class Tour

Bring Some of the Worlds Most Dynamic Teachers Home to Your School!

The vision for this tour puts Mobile Dance Education into reach for dance teachers and the students they serve. Creating an easy way for teachers to excel while continuing development into world class teachers is our key. Our network of geniuine support and Master Teachers that answer your calls and come right to you is unmatched. This is the real gift of this tour.


These programs bring real resources to your students without leaving the comfort of your own school. Save on travel, food, hotel fees, and their very valable time! Parents just love this!


Owners and their teachers have the option of participating in teacher training which runs simultaneously to your Master Classes, Remote Intensive, or Workshop.


Multiple levels and techniques can be offered on the same day. Opportunities are scheduled based on open dates remaining on the calender year. Quick responses result in the most preferred dates.

Dance Tomorrow

Dance Tomorrow on Tour™ is an inspiring, industry-changing Master Class Convention and Performance Series! Dance Tomorrow on Tour™ takes the dreams dancers have of becoming stars and helps move them forward with this high-powered dance event fueled by acceptance and learning - not competition!

With Dance Tomorrow on Tourr™, a good dance experience is more important than being "better than someone else." Here there is no competition, no children under attack, and no parent feeling out of place. Dance Tomorrow on Tour™ mixes Character Building, Life Lessons, and Self-Evaluation into the most amazing Master Classes and performance opportunities!

Dance Schools across the nation are about to change. Tomorrow is a new day, Dance Tomorrow!